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Mahjong games have recently been considered to be the new hit among online puzzle game enthusiasts. Let’s join us to dig into our collection of free mahjong games online, with not only the original version but also hundreds of spin-offs that will guarantee an unforgettable time for mahjong lovers.

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Free mahjong games online are based on a traditional Chinese game with the same name. Many historians claim that this game was first played in the late 1800s and was brought to the US in the 1920s.

Nowadays, it is extremely hard for mahjong enthusiasts to find the time to sit down for a traditional mahjong game. Therefore, free online mahjong games are created to help them enjoy their favorite game in a less time-consuming manner.

Not only is our library of free online mahjong games, but there are also a lot of new variations for those looking for a fresher experience. 

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