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Learn everything about sports games you can instantly play online!

Sports are among the captivating events that create a lot of fun, energize, and increase the level of your positivity. It’s like a special venue for emotional expression. When playing sports or watching sports, or playing free sports games online – you just escape from all those real-world troubles. That is why a football pitch will always be surrounded by thousands of people when a game is in play. That is why basketball, the second-most popular team sport in the world, is so popular and tickets are so expensive! attendances at the games are increasing, and the interest in online sports games is growing significantly. Gaming companies noticed the love that people have for sports. Therefore, they introduced sports games that people can access and play online. Let us tell you more about these games, the different types available for sports fans online for free from any device nowadays.


Online browser-based sports games are mostly games on the internet, involving competition against one or more players, or offering to train a specific skill and test yourself in a particular sport. They test a player’s abilities, proficiency, strategy, and – what is also important – creativity in sports. Most of them involve teams. For example, football and basketball games. However, some other games don’t include groups. Such games include boxing and martial arts.

Sports games are all about choosing an accurate angle, perfect mastery, and the right amount of energy. However, you can play these games if you are a pro or a complete novice. Playing sports games online replicates the actual sports.

One of the best things about free sports games online, and we love it a lot, – you can play the games without downloading, you don’t need to install it, just open a website and push the ‘Play’ button! That’s it! Instantly play any sports online. While there are some games that need to be downloaded, plenty of them can be played from a browser. You can play the games online with friends and family at home, or you can play them without any company or team.

Sport Game Types

There are lots of types actually. But let us know you the most popular among sports game fans:

  1. Team sports – when obviously you need some co-players.
  2. Track and field – when players compete for points awarded for their performances inside a game in different track and field events, and the winner being the one with the highest aggregate score.
  3. Extreme sports – when all is about realistic dirt bikes, winter games like snowboarding, or any other intense action sports games.
  4. Combat sports – sports games in which two armed or unarmed opponents confront each other in combat.

Cool Facts About Sports Games

Internet technology is changing sports, changing games, creating new opportunities for all and everyone. You can play soccer or train your basketball skills just from your mobile phone, sitting at home on a comfortable sofa. Could people imagine that 10 years ago?

Did you know that William Higinbotham, the physicist, created in 1958 a video sports game called Tennis For Two, and it was played on an oscilloscope (a type of electronic test instrument that graphically displays varying signal voltages)? Not only was it the first video game, but it may have also been the first video game ever. William Higinbotham only made the game so people would be entertained when they came to his place of work, Brookhaven National Laboratory. The scenario of the Tennis For Two game was similar to pong, just the gameplay was much different.

And here we go with an interesting fact about the Pong game. Are you ready to hear this? The very first commercial electronic sports game (and it was actually the first commercially successful arcade game) was Pong. Designed by engineer Allan Alcorn, produced by the American company Atari Inc. in 1972, Pong was a simulation of table tennis (Ping-Pong). It was built as a training exercise. Not the online game of course, and it wasn’t definitely accessible from any place, it was a coin-operated machine. And you needed to pay some coins to play it. But the interesting fact is that even today Ping-Pong is a popular online arcade game, and you can play it from a tablet or desktop or mobile device at any time and anywhere for free. Some gaming companies and gaming developers created classic pong versions and also a lot of modern new pong versions. So, now you know that Pong is one of the oldest arcade computer games ever made. 

There’s a whole new industry on the internet – eSport, where eAthletes compete in a variety of team game types. MOBA (aka multiplayer online battle arena) games and FPS (first-person shooter) games are some of the most in-demand online games to play professionally.

Yet almost any game where players compete can become an eSports game. Strategy games like StarCraft II and Hearthstone are also gamer favorites.

Examples of free online sports games

1. Hockey Shootout Online Game

This is a perfect game for those who love hockey, and those who are looking for a free online hockey game to play. As a player, you need to trick the goalkeeper and get the puck into the goal as many times as you can within 15 shots. You swipe the screen to shoot the puck with the right power and direction. You’ll love this online game, awesome realistic graphics, nice sounds, easy but challenging to play. Shoot the puck with strength and confidence, and defeat the goalkeeper!

2. Penalty Kicks Football Online Game

This is a football game that can be played either on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or even desktops. Breathe in, breathe out, handle the pressure, and place the ball in the top corner! You’ll need patience and tactics. This free online game will help you to sharpen your soccer skills, play more, play better, have fun! 

3. Basketball Shooting Online Game

Nothing but net! If you want to upgrade, improve your basketball skills, to find an online coach for yourself – this awesome free basketball shooting online game is exactly what you need!

Learn how to plan your shots, how to send the ball to a basket in Michael Jordan style, and make it right, how to feel that basketball spirit, and train your eye to become a pro. Basketball Shot is a great free game for all ages, no limits, no installation needed. Play from any device at any time!

Generally, there are lots of free sports games available on our website. Most of these games are in HTML5, which is a cross-platform format for modern web browsers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sport games are good to play online?

Does not really matter in which country you are, online sport games are available to play almost everywhere. Whatever you prefer – soccer (or football) online games, (American) football and basketball games, baseball, tennis, ping pong, track and field, golf, volleyball, swimming or diving online sports games, winter online sports games like skiing to snowboarding and beyond. There are all types of billiards games online too, from pool to snooker. When you want to stretch your mental muscles in your spare time, you can find tons of free sports games online to choose between. Or why to somewhere else? Just open in your browser, save it as a PWA button on your device, and play online sports games at any time for free.

2. Is it safe to play any online sports game?

Yes. However, it is advisable to use the most trusted sites to play the games. This ensures that your personal information is safe.

3. Will I ever get addicted to playing these games?

Playing sports games is fun and exciting. The advancements in technology have made it possible for you to play instantly your best game on your phone or desktop. More so, there is no limitation on the number of games you can play.