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Choose that Perfect Hit Among the Top Free Online Shooting Games

Are you looking for games where you can practice your coordination at the same time show off your skills? Well, look no more since shooting games are among the most popular games that you can play – with your friends, family, and even strangers. Get that perfect hit from various shooters’ collections!

Shooting Games: A Brief History

Also referred to as shooter games, shooting games are known to be subgenres of the ever-popular action video games that frequently test the spatial awareness, speed, and reflexes of the player in either isolated single-player or networked multiplayer environments.

These games encompass various subgenres that have the commonality of focusing on the actions of the avatar participating in combat having a weapon versus both code-driven NPC enemies and some other avatars that are controlled by some other players. 

In most cases, weapons are firearms or other long-range weapons and could be used along with other tools like grenades, armor, and other accessories like telescopic sights. And a common resource that is found in most shooting games is ammunition, health, or armor, or upgrades that augment the weapons of the player’s character. 

And most commonly, the purpose of these games is to shoot the opponents and to proceed through the missions without having the player killed or without dying as the result of the player’s actions. 

Also, a shooting game is a genre of video game wherein the focus is only on the defeat of the enemies utilizing the given weapons to the player.

Shooting Games: Enjoy Shooting Game from These Subgenres

Here are some of the best subgenres of shooting games:

  • Shoot ‘em up. This game is a specific subgenre wherein players might move left and right or up and down around the screen, particularly firing straight forward. 
  • Shooting Gallery. These games have light gun games though many could also be played with the use of a regular joypad along with an on-screen cursor to signify where the bullets are being targeted. One popular example of this is the Light Gun Shooter which uses a pointing device for personal computers and a control device for video games or arcades. 
  • Hero Shooters. These shooting games are a variation of a multiplayer third- or first-person arena-based shooter, wherein players, divided among two or more teams, choose from the pre-designed heroes which each of them possess genuine attributes, weapons, skills, and other active and passive abilities. Also, players could have the chance to customize the appearance of the characters. 
  • Tactical Shooters. These are shooting games which generally simulate realistic squad-based or man-to-man skirmishes. The Player’s character could lean out of cover therefore increasing its granularity of movement and stance options to enhance the game’s realism. 

And there are various other subgenres of free online shooting games out there that you can surely enjoy!


Well, for those who want to play extra challenging and exciting games, online shooting games can always give the best pleasure of entertainment. You can browse for various options online games on this page above. Enjoy and play responsibly.