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Free Solitaire Games: An All-Time Favorite Game Online

Usually with cards, solitaire is a tabletop game that one could play by oneself. Solitaire is also used for single-player games of concentration and skill with the use of set layout tiles, stones, or pegs. Such games include mahjong solitaire and peg solitaire. Most of the solitaire games function as puzzles that might or might not be solved differently each time. 

It is a popular card game that is played by a player. It is played with a full card of the deck. There are many versions of the game that are available online and it could also be played offline. Get to learn more options below.

Solitaire Games: A Brief History

Indeed, solitaire is a wonderful puzzle game that boasts a wonderful history as well. It originated in Germany and in 1788 the game was primarily documented in the royal game manuscript referred to as Das neue Königliche L’Hombre-Spiel. 

It is also believed that Solitaire started as a fortune-telling game and just converted to a game of strategy later on. There are some variations of this game that are still utilized for cartomancy exclusively these days.

Solitaire games became more popular throughout the 19th century. And in 1870, the first collection of solitaire games in the English language could be found in the Illustrated Games of Patience by Lady Adelaide Cadogan. 

With that, the popularity of Solitaire steadily increased during the 20th century and it became widely accessible right after the 1980s once computer engineers developed a free digital version of the game.

Types of Solitaire Games

You should also know that there are certain types of free solitaire games online to play including the following:

Klondike Solitaire

This is the most common form of the game, particularly known as Solitaire. This is considered as the version of the game which originally came with Windows. Learn more about Klondike Solitaire here.

Spider Solitaire

Another common version of solitaire is Spider Solitaire which also came with Windows. And there are various levels of difficulty in this game. The difficulty of the game rises with a higher number of decks and suits in the game. And it is played by one player. 

Free Cell Solitaire

Another variation of the game is the free cell which came with Windows 95. It was invented by Paul Allfile in the 80s. The game requires one to apply strategies and thought. It usually begins with a tableau of 52 open cards in 8 piles. 

The same with the classic version, there is a need to move all the cards in ascending order to the four foundation slots on the top right. 

And some other kinds of this solitaire game are Pyramid, TriPeaks, Yukon, Forty Thieves, and Scorpion. Learn more about Free Cell Solitaire here.

How to Play Solitaire Game?

In a solitaire game, there are seven piles to be dealt with. On the beginning round, the first, as well as the left-most card, is being distributed face up and the next six are allocated face down. 

The second round starts with the second pile receiving a face-up card, wherein the next five receive face-down cards. 

Continuing to the third round, it begins with a face-up card right on the third pile and face-down cards coming from the fourth deck ahead. 

Then, the said dealing proceeds until all the seven decks have a face-up card on top. Usually, the number of cards in each pile increases from left to right.

While the remaining 24 cards are put facing down in a deck separate from those seven cards. And there are 4 imaginary and empty slots above those seven decks. The slots are utilized to make the foundation piles.

Solitaire Games: Moves and Rules

To complete the four suits of cards, you have to move some cards around. There are three ways to move the cards in the game:

  • Move the cards among the seven decks. You could move face-up cards among the seven piles, putting a smaller rank below the card with a higher and varied color. Once a face-up card is moved coming from a pile, the next face-down card in the pile is flipped to make the next face-up card in the pile. 
  • Moving cards from the seven decks into the foundation piles. Since the objective of the game is to complete the foundation pile, you could move the cards from the seven decks to put the cards in the foundation piles. 
  • Coming from the deck. And the last way to move the cards is to reveal a card at a time from the deck of leftover 24 cards. The card revealed could be added to the seven piles or can be added to the foundation piles once possible. Once a card revealed couldn’t be moved to any place, the next card would be revealed on top of it. If all the deck cards are revealed, the piles are flipped to make a face-down deck again. 

Take note of the following rules as well:

  • As you move the cards to the seven piles, the card could be placed below the card with a higher rank and a different color only. 
  • If one of the seven piles becomes empty, only the King card could be placed in the open space first. And more consecutive cards could be added below the King once needed. 
  • The top card of the foundation pile could be moved back to one of the seven piles below, once needed. 
  • And if no more moves could be made from the piles of the deck of cards, the game is over. 

You should be aware of these moves and rules to win a game of solitaire. How to win the game? Well, to win a solitaire game, there is a need for you to create foundation piles of each suit. Begin the foundation by putting the aces of each suit in four separate slots above the seven decks. 

After then, you should complete each suit by putting consecutive cards on top of the aces until you have completed each suit. And voila, you’re a winner!

Reasons to Play Solitaire Games Online

Solitaire games could be played offline. However, these games are well-played online or with the use of your mobile devices like computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • It removes the hassles of handling the cards. 
  • It enforces the game rules. 
  • The games are a lot easier to learn. 
  • It makes the games a lot faster to play. 
  • It also makes the games easy to customize. 
  • It removes the set-up and space necessities. 
  • You are provided with easy access to various games. 
  • It is so easy to find similar games. 
  • There is a visual beauty added. 
  • It also lets you undo your moves. 
  • It provides special features. 
  • And finally, it tracks your game statistics.


Indeed, the Solitaire game is an ultimate and all-time favorite game by many. It offers great entertainment to the players and it also offers various benefits too. Plus, the game can be played both offline and online. There are many free solitaire games online that you can enjoy playing.

However, knowing important information about the game is a crucial first move to consider! With that, you will be more confident to win the game and reap the pleasure and entertainment it gives to the players!

How about you? Ready to play solitaire games?