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Free Online Car Games – The Speed Thrills That Every Gamer Needs

Free online car games are among the most popular games on our platform. These games attract not only casual gamers but also very hardcore ones thanks to their competitive nature and easy-to-understand gameplay. Let’s join us and discover the best classic car games and more.

Car Games – A Quick Definition 

Basically, car games are the general name used for any game concerning a car, meaning that this genre is by no means restricted to racing games. It is true that racing games make up an integral part of this genre. However, the car game category also consists of driving simulators, car parking games, car building or constructing games, and more.

Online Car Games – A Brief History

The first car game was created back in the 1970s. It was Space Race released by arcade games publisher Atari. This game can be played by two people, using joysticks to control their spaceship. 

This genre actually picked up in the 1990s with the introductions of legendary car games such as Formula One Grand Prix in 1992, or Gran Turismo Game in1997.

The 21st century has seen the emergence of different variations of car games such as simulation driving.

Why Do People Like Free Online Car Games?

Car games are beloved globally by people of different age groups. The reasons are as follow:

Car games are extremely addictive

It cannot be denied that car ride games online get you hooked very easily. It is because they are very competitive even if you play alone or with a friend. The gameplay is easy to grasp, the tempo of the games is super robust, which are some of many reasons why everyone enjoys a different car game.

Online car games are convenient means of relaxation

With the advancement of smart mobile devices, many car games that are previously workable only on computers, have made their way to your smartphones or tablets. This movement allows everyone to pop out their phones and enjoys their favorite car games.

Car games are developing exponentially 

Car games do not stop evolving. In the future, more technologies such as VR and AR will be applied to car games, which will make the experience so much better. That is also one of the many reasons why people stick with their favorite car games. 


Free online car games are the frequent favorite entertaining meals for many generations of gamers and will continue to be so. This genre consists of more than just racing games. However, they all share some similar features such as attractiveness, easy-to-understand gameplay, and competitive nature. 

Should you be in a crazy need for some car games action, look no further than our enormous collection of online car games. Our library is constantly updated and will certainly provide a great experience.