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There are players that aren’t too much fascinated in a fast-paced shooter or even in an edgy platformer. These players might want to slacken things down and simply travel to another world. The best online game to try in such a case is an adventure game. Well, you will also love this kind of game when you find out how exciting things could be.

Adventure Games: A Brief History

Adventure games are all about solving puzzles, stories, and exploring worlds. These games are video games wherein the player assumes the role of the protagonist in an interactive story which is driven by puzzle-solving and exploration.

This genre focuses on the story which allows it to heavily draw from other narrative-based media, film, and literature consisting of a wide variety of literary genres. Most adventure games are designed for a single player only because this emphasizes the story and the character.

The first-ever adventure game is Colossal Cave Adventure which was first released in 1976. Adventure games were initially developed during the 1970w and 1980s as text-based or using text parsers in order to translate the input of the players to commands. 

And with the rise of personal computers, graphic adventure games also became popular which later moved to point-and-click interfaces. And various changes happened throughout the years due to advancements in technology as well.

Adventure Game: Explore its Game Design

  • Puzzle Solving. Adventure games have a variety of puzzles, finding and using items, decoding messages, opening locked doors, exploring new places, and a lot more. Solving this puzzle would unlock access to a new level or area in the game world or might reveal more of the story.
  • Setting, Theme, and Story. Adventure games are known to be single-player experiences that are largely story-driven. These games depend on the story and setting in order to make a convincing single-player experience.  Typically, they are set in an immersive environment like a fantasy world and they try to vary the setting from one chapter to another for adding interest and novelty.
  • Conversation Tree and Dialogue. Adventure games offer strong storylines having significant dialog and, in some cases, make effective use of the recorded narration or dialog from voice actors. These games are known for representing dialog referred to as the conversation tree wherein players can engage to a non-player character simply by selecting a line of the pre-written dialog coming from the menu triggering a response from the character on the game.
  • Success, Failure, and Goals. The main goal is to complete the assigned quest which would make you successful in the game. And the main failure in adventure games is the loss of a level or a player.


With so many adventure games available online, sure enough, you will not have a hard time finding one that you will enjoy the most. In fact, many adventure games are played online. Truly, you can feel the excitement and fun!