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Free online match 3 games have a long history and have somehow captured the interest of people of different generations. What is the history of this type of puzzle game and why is this type of game so addictive? Let’s find out together.

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The starting of the match games phenomenon owes a lot to the classic card games such as Solitaire or the infamous physical puzzle named Polyominoes. However, many gaming enthusiasts consider developer Alexey Pajitnov’s Tetris and Japanese Kuniaki Moribe’s Chain Shot! in the 20 century to be the legitimate origin of modern online match games.

Based on these two classics, game developers in the late 20th and early 21st centuries have innovated and refined this gaming concept and created a variety of games that are still enjoyed to this day. 

In 1995, Shakiri was created by developer Eugene Alemzhin. This ball match is widely regarded as the original match game.

Free online match 3 games are an indispensable part of every gamer’s life. Thanks to its convenience and challenging nature, this game genre has attracted people of different generations to spend some of their daily free time, tinkering on their smart devices.

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