How to Play Pyramid Solitaire from A to Z: Rules and Tips to Win

pyramid solitaire
January 29, 2021

Undoubtedly, pyramid solitaire is one of the popularly played games that have existed for centuries. This game comprises Klondike Solitaire and an additional game. Unlike the linear classic solitaire, this pyramid-constructed representation features overlapping rows. Whether playing pyramid solitaire online or via cards, one thing makes it unique.

Pyramid solitaire involves pairing up matching cards to get a sum of 13. This move is unlike the traditional game that involves stacking up suits. It is worth noting that this “patience” game comes in several variations. Regardless, the fundamental rules stand.

With 28 cards in play, a player has to take out card pairs that sum up the number “13” as stated earlier. It is worth noting that winning chances are 1 in 50 for a solitaire arrangement for 52 solitaire arrangement of 52 cards. Here is a breakdown of the value for specific cards:

  • Kings have a value of 13
  • Queens have a value of 12, and
  • Jacks have a value of 11

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Knowing How to Play Pyramid Card Game

To play pyramid solitaire, a single deck is needed. This is a collection of 52 cards, from which the player deals 28 cards. In the same vein, the game is set in a pyramid shape, creating seven overlapping rows. Once done, the individual creates a pair of cards that adds up to 13 and discards them from the game tableau.

Unlike other card games, playing pyramid solitaire games don’t require card shuffling. The reason for this is that suits are irrelevant. That out of the way, the player deals one card, which starts the pyramid solitaire tableau, with its imprinted side visible. It is from this game layout the individual picks available solitaire cards.

The pyramid solitaire game is different from other variants as the cards face up. Once the play deals with the first card, the individual can place two additional cards side-by-side to create a new overlapping row. When positioning the card, they must overlap one-quarter of the initial card dealt. After this comes three more cards in the same pattern as the last two, but placed in a way that they form a triangular pattern.

This move continues until the player places 28 overlapping cards, each new row having an additional card. In the end, there are seven rows and a seven-card base. In some cases, the alignment may be out of place. It is left for the player to identify and rectify the issue.

The remaining cards are left aside and are known as a stock. It is essential to stack them neatly to display the top piece. Once done, it is time to commence gameplay. Whether an individual is playing free silver pyramid solitaire, ancient pyramid solitaire, free pyramid solitaire, or “pyramid solitaire Egypt”, this guideline is applicable.

Pyramid Solitaire Rules

This section contains pyramid solitaire rules that will help anyone know how to play pyramid solitaire. One of pyramid solitaire tips worth noting is this; when playing, take out the “Kings” as the opportunity comes. The reason behind this rule/strategy is that such cards can’t form a combination with the rest. Hence, prolonging such a move will be unproductive.

Even when playing the “pyramid solitaire online free” version or “solitaire pyramid free” card version, it is not advisable to deal the cards in a hurry. Remember, pyramid solitaire is a patient game and the chances of winning are slim. As such, a player must be calm and calculative. Check out the cards that are left to determine what move to make.

Here is another thing worth noting; the pyramid solitaire game layout consists of two parts, namely:

  • The tableau, and
  • The talon

When removing the solitaire cards, do so evenly. With these pyramid solitaire tips, a player’s winning chance increases.

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Pyramid Solitaire Online Version

Having covered the pyramid solitaire rules, it is time to discuss how to play pyramid solitaire free online versions. Not everyone knows how to play pyramid solitaire online games. But there is no harm in that. Without further ado, it is time to cover this subject.

So, how can anyone play pyramid solitaire online? Playing the online version is not different from the standard version, regardless of the variant. However, one noticeable difference is the game setup. Even with that, playing pyramid solitaire online is a walk in the park.

The first procedure is shuffling, after which the player deals the card to create a triangular layout as described above. Form seven overlapping rows with 28 cards before commencing the game. Kindly remember that the pyramid solitaire tableau faces up while the stock faces down.

More Pyramid Solitaire Tips

Pyramid solitaire games are not as complicated as anyone would think. The game layout has a draw pile from which a player can select a solitaire card. For an unused card, cover it with the next one. But if it is uncovered, it may come in handy during gameplay.

In knowing how to play pyramid solitaire with cards, a player must ensure that paired cards sum up to 13, before discarding them. These pyramid solitaire tips also apply to free pyramid solitaire, pyramid solitaire Egypt, pyramid solitaire online free version, and other pyramid solitaire games. As such, most people term classify it to be Solitaire 13.

However, for such cards to be uncovered, there should be no overlapping rows. Like any other variant, the pyramid solitaire online free version requires the player to uncover one card per time during gameplay. In the same vein, the individual can discard cards with the value of four and nine. For exposed cards of five and eight from the draw pile, the player can discard them as well.

Understanding Card Values

Having covered pyramid solitaire tips, it is time to address card values. This section is essential to those who desire to know how to play pyramid solitaire, whether it is a solitaire pyramid free version or any other variant. Here are some values:

  • Aces – 1
  • Queens – 12
  • Jacks – 11
  • Kings – 13

A player can discard the last card as a single piece. Additionally, here are some combinations that can be discarded:

  • 7 and 6
  • 9 and 4
  • 10 and 3
  • 8 and 5
  • Queen and “Ace”
  • King
  • Jack and 2

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Is There an Alternate Way to Play Pyramid Card Game?

Of course, anyone can play pyramid solitaire free online version, also known as solitaire pyramid free version without exposing solitaire cards from the stock. In this strategy, the player can draw a set of three cards and lay them as the “peak” of the tableau. The next set of triplets are drawn to overlap the initial cards. This placement should be consistent all through the gameplay. With this strategy, anyone can play pyramid solitaire.

Ancient Pyramid Solitaire Version

In learning how to play pyramid solitaire with cards or how to play pyramid solitaire online, players may have come across the Egyptian solitaire version and have no idea how to play this game. In truth, it is no different from the standard pyramid solitaire game. The cards sum up to 13.

Every other thing stays the same, including the discardable card pairs discussed before. Hence, the other aspect to discuss is the scoring strategy. There are several tutorials on how to play pyramid solitaire online and offline – the Egyptian style. This gameplay comes with rewards that are in the form of points.

  • For each discarded solitaire pair or single piece (King), the player gets 500 points
  • The individual gets 10,000 points for completing a game round
  • There is a countdown time bonus. It reads from 20,000 points to 0 during gameplay.
  • Discarding of all cards from both the tableau and the stock earns the player a bonus of 15,000 points
  • Incremental bonus. This bonus applies to round numbers. The player earns 1,000 points.

There is also a strategy on how to play pyramid solitaire games (ancient version). This tactic is no different from that of how to play pyramid solitaire card game.

  • Discard the Kings when presented with such an opportunity. Besides, in this version, the player earns 500 points
  • Have an ideal game plan. Analyze the entire game to know what cards to place.
  • Deal cards in the middle of the layout. This spot overlaps more cards than the sides.
  • Ensure that the pyramid layout is aligned properly.
  • It is not advisable to pair double cards in the waste piles. Often, this strategy may affect gameplay, especially towards the end.
  • Remember the cards that are in the tableau. By doing so, the player in question will have an idea of those in the stock.
  • It is worth noting that the undo button may come in handy, especially when the game is going south. However, kindly note that this strategy does not affect one’s score.

ancient pyramid

That being stated, here is the history of ancient solitaire. According to some sources, the game has been around for centuries. In truth, no one knows the actual date. But most people presumed that it might have dated back to the 18th century.

In the 90s, Microsoft introduced the game on its platform. Many individuals knew it as Tut’s Tomb, an attribute to the well-known Pharaoh Tutankhamun. The Egyptian king, also known as the “boy-king” was the last to rule before the 18th dynasty came to an end.

As highlighted in some parts of this guide, there are several variants of this game. Two elements make each version unique – the waste pile and the stock. It is worth noting that there are no confined rules when learning how to play pyramid solitaire. With the right approach, most of which are in this guide, anyone can know how to play pyramid solitaire card game.

The Giza solitaire or ancient solitaire is a spin-off from the pyramid solitaire. Players may have also come across TriPeaks Solitaire.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. How can an individual know how to play pyramid solitaire?

As discussed before, the player must pair solitaire cards, to sum up to 13. If the gameplay is not going as planned, the individual can draw from the stock. By clearing the pyramid layout, the player wins the solitaire game. This is one of the strategies that covers how to play pyramid solitaire.

2. What Are the Winning Strategies on How to Play Pyramid Solitaire Game?

Pyramid Solitaire has a low winning chance. As such, players have to devise strategies to increase this probability. Kindly remember that a cool and collective mind is a prerequisite for winning this game. As its name implies, it is a game of patience. Players have to understudy it to devise their next moves.

3. What is the Value of an Ace?

An ace has a value of one. To discard this card, a player must combine it with a Queen. Other cards have their discardable pairs as well.

4. Can a Player Win in Every Game?

The answer to this question is No. There is no 100% winning rate in Pyramid Solitaire, regardless of rules and strategies. Several elements come into play, including overlapping rows. As such, clearing the entire stacks may be challenging for even the professionals.

5. Can a Player Disable Hints When Learning How to Play Pyramid Solitaire Game Online?

It is possible to disable hints when playing Pyramid Solitaire. This option is available within the pause or main menu.

Free Silver Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire lovers are excited about the added game version that comes with interesting features. The gameplay in this variant is similar to that of the classic solitaire. Players who know how to play pyramid solitaire with cards will have no problem solving this silver card-deck. However, the difference between this solitaire type and the rest is that combinations solely include the cards displayed on the screen.

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In Conclusion

Knowing how to play pyramid solitaire with cards and other variants is easy, provided that the player knows how to analyze the game. The deck of cards can be either:

  • 52-card
  • Single 48

Some of the variations include Tut’s Tomb, Relaxed Pyramid, Giza, Apophis, and Triangle. Having understood the concept of this game, it is time to get started and build more skills.

Practice playing Pyramid Solitaire on our website.

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