How to Play Bubble Shooter: 8 Game Winning Tips

how to play bubble shooter
December 8, 2020

Bubble shooter doubles as an all-time classic and an all-time favorite. Considering the simplicity of the game and its concept one might be fast to believe the game is only for children. However, Bubble shooter has attracted a larger adult pool. 

Puzzle Bob 2 had been the most popular Arcade game until Bubble shooter took over the title quite quickly in 2001 when it became available for play on P.C.

If you are a lover of Arcade games, then you will love the bubble shooter arcade. The Bubble shooter game is very easy to learn, you could even figure out the aim and rules on your first play. 

And no worries if you don’t know how to play Bubble shooter, or if you are having a hard time or you need some Bubble shooter tips then this guide has you covered as it is loaded with even more bubble shooter tricks for your gaming pleasure. 

In this guide, you will learn

  • What bubble shooter game is all about 
  • How to play Bubble shooter  
  • Rules of Bubble shooter 
  • Useful Bubble shooter tricks and tips 
  • How to win Bubble shooter game levels 

Yes, you read right. So keep reading to learn all of these and so much more.

What is a Bubble Shooter Game? 

Bubble shooter game is an arcade game originally designed and published by Absolutist. The concept of the Bubble shooter game is that simple; the game aims to eliminate all the lines of bubbles by aiming, shooting at, and hitting the right bubbles with a ball or a bubble. 

Bubble shooter is no doubt a very simple game and thus anyone can easily learn how to play bubble shooter. However, its operations and mechanization get complicated as you advance each level.

Bubble shooter is an all-time classic; and no, it didn’t earn the title at a charity auction, it was a well-deserved title. Despite its simplicity, it gets tricky sometimes and could prove difficult to master.

It is a game for everybody with zero-age restrictions. Bubble shooter is the perfect game to ease stress. You don’t have to think too much, just shoot bubbles and watch them burst. 

There is no storyline and no two games are the same. Thus there are restrictions regarding how you play bubble shooter. You can be creative, play it either way, and still win.

The game was also designed to play on any device, as it has little graphic requirements, as long as you can shoot bubbles. No much preamble, little or no character interaction, just pure fun. If you are playing online, you can engage in tournaments and shoot bubbles with other players.

There are so many variations of bubble shots games now but all with the same aim. Some examples include bubble spinner, power pop bubbles, space bubble shooter, funny bubble shooter games and several other variants of free bubble games are available for are playable on mobile device and online.

what is bubble shooter

Rules of Bubble Shooter 

As stated earlier, anyone can easily learn how to play bubble shooter games, a couple of minutes into the gameplay and you might have even gotten a hang of it already. 

Another remarkable thing worth mentioning is that you can play bubble shooter wherever you are, on your mobile or online.

All you practically do is shoot bubbles from a cannon to form groups of three or more bubbles with the same color.

You might want to take note of some Bubble shooter rules:

  • When there are more than three bubbles of the same color in a group, all the bubbles will be eliminated thus freeing up more space on the board.
  • Eliminating more bubbles earns you a higher score on the board, so aim at larger clusters.
  • Looking out for upcoming bubbles helps your winning strategy and increases your chance of winning.
  • You cannot move to a new level without completing the current level; you do this by clearing all the bubbles from the board. So you must keep making matches till the board is all clear.

Game rules

How to play Bubble Shooter 

The default setting of a bubble shooter game is a simple board with different colored bubbles or balls in it. Most times they appear to be hanging from the top of the board. At the bottom of the board is the cannon with which you will launch your balls for effective impact.

Aim the ball in the cannon at a cluster of bubbles with the same color to eliminate them, keep doing that till the end of the game. Your success in the game is based largely on how well you can aim and shoot the right balls onto the right clusters.

So if you are playing a Bubble shots game for the first time ensure you locate the cannon, then shoot the bubbles at your target clusters and groups. Knowing the next upcoming bubbles helps you to stay a step ahead of the game.

So depending on the available colors, you are going to have to pick a colored bubble from either the current or the upcoming bubble. Once you have made your pick, the next thing to do is the aim. 

Whenever you are trying to shoot a bubble an arrow appears right underneath your cursor; simply drag the arrow to your destination and release it. Anticipating your next Bubble is one of the most important bubble shooter tricks plus it makes winning the game so much easier and keeps you a step ahead every time.

Playing Bubble Shooter to Win

You have to be intentional with every shot to win at the game. Make double sure that the color of the bubble you have decided to shoot (either the current or upcoming bubble) matches the color of your destination cluster.

If you repeatedly shoot the wrong color up to five times, the bubble shooter will automatically add a new row of bubbles at the top to make the game more fun. Even if you shoot the right colors but you shoot at one bubble thus your shot doesn’t eliminate anything.

Therefore when you aim and shoot, do so in a string or cluster of bubbles with the same colors: keep doing this till you have eliminated all the bubbles from your screen.

If you remove a particular color entirely, the color doesn’t appear again. The gradual elimination of these colors usually indicates that the game is about to end. The more colors you disappear the easier the game becomes. 

You can improve your Bubble shooter experience by customizing the game mode to suit your style, do this by going to game options on the right side of the screen. You can change the color and the degree of difficulty in the game settings.

bubble shooter to win

Become a better player by saving your records; use them to motivate yourself to play better. You can also play the game with other members of your family. Although there isn’t a multiplayer mode you can play online tournaments with friends and family. 

Although there is no actual prize money attached, the thrill of winning your brother or neighbor sometimes could be worth much more than money.

8 Bubble Shooter Winning Tips

To ensure that you understand how to win the Bubble shooter game we have provided 8 useful bubble shooter tips.

  1. Target the Hanging Bubbles

    Whenever you see a hanging bubble dangling freely away from a cluster of bubbles with the same color, fix your gaze on that bubble and take it down the slightest chance you get.

    The moment you have the same color of the bubble in your cannon, take the shot and watch them all drop. The same thing goes for solo bubbles; a target that connects a group of bubbles. Clearing large numbers of bubbles at once helps you create enough room to maneuver.

  1. Rely on your Bank Shot

    Learning how to make Bank shots is one of the most important bubble shooter tips you must learn if you intend to win bubble shooter games. You can make a Bank shot by aiming at the playing walls and angling the shooter so that the ball bounces off the wall and onto the desired spot.

    The bank shot can be a lifesaver especially when there are no possible matches nearby, and the only available clusters are not easy to reach. You must learn how to make bank shots if you intend to reach higher levels.

  1. Plan ahead

    Develop your game strategy even before you make your first shot. Assess the entire board and decide on how you intend to clear the board. As the game unfolds, endeavor to develop mini strategies that will keep you on the initial plan and ultimately aid your victory.

  1. Border Bouncing

    This is the mechanism involved in making bank shots.  It involves using the board’s borders to bounce the bubble to the required position.

    At some point during gameplay, you’ll be faced with situations where there are no strings or clusters of like-colored bubbles insight, an inexperienced player will fit the bubble anywhere because he is ignorant of this mechanism.

  1. Utilize the Time

    Bubble shooter gives you unlimited time to clear up the board: this is a huge advantage. It means you have all the time to make the right choices.

    When you are faced with a situation where there are several clusters of the same color, don’t rush to shoot any down. Ensure you weigh your options properly and consider the next bubble before making a decision.

  1. Remove a color entirely

    Clearing all bubbles of a particular color from the board eases up the game; this is because when a color is eliminated it doesn’t reoccur till the game ends.

    The game becomes less complicated and your chances of getting a larger cluster increase. This approach is quite risky for inexperienced players as they may use up most of their moves trying to free up space and eliminate a certain color.

  2. Cause avalanches

    This is a very effective way to eliminate bubbles. If you can manage to clear an entire section by hitting a cluster in that section, all the bubbles in that section will pop irrespective of their color.

    Creating an avalanche automatically clears an entire section; this single move increases your chances of winning since you still have all the moves you would have needed to clear that section.

  3. Avoid denying yourself

    Whenever you have to make a failed shot, do not deny yourself of a “hidden treasure”. If you have to make a random shot due to a lack of possible matches, start a new string at the end of a cluster.

Learning to Move Past Difficult Bubble Shooter Game levels 

Bubble shooter arcade games such as bubble spinner require a high level of accuracy, despite having a basic knowledge of the game a player can get stuck in one level for a long time if he cannot shoot shots accurately.

The whole idea of the game is to eliminate bubbles with like-colored bubbles. However, if a player is not careful, they may end up adding more balls to the field instead of eliminating them; if you do this you will only keep filling up the board with more bubbles and lose the game.

While one can easily learn to play bubble shooter, chances of getting stuck on a level increase as you advance in the game. Players are faced with several obstacles in more advanced stages of the game.

This makes one curious about how to master the game and make it past the difficult levels.

Later levels of the game will require you to think strategically and tactically. You must learn to think outside the box and come up with creative methods and strategies to beat bubble shooters.

When the game starts, assess the layout and from there develop an effective strategy, look out for groups of same-colored bubbles arranged close to each other that may result in a large ‘combo shot’s that would pop other bubbles as well. 

Stay conscious of your strategy, so that when a bubble with a similar color pops up you will take the opportunity and shoot such bubbles at the right area.

Your strategies will determine your course of action. Will you be able to shoot the right colored bubbles at the right areas with precision? With time you will become a natural and instinctively know where to shoot the bubbles even when under pressure.


The instructions in this guide will help you become a pro in bubble shooter games in no time. These tips are not restricted to a particular variant. Most free bubble games online like funny bubble shooter, power pop bubbles, space bubble shooter, and bubble spinner can all be played with the methods described earlier in the guide.

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