10 Sudoku Tips for Beginners: How to Improve Your Sudoku Skills

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December 22, 2020

Are you among those people who are having a hard time on how to play Sudoku? Well, this seems to be usual to beginner players of the said game. Good to know that there are various tips that you can try to help you with playing Sudoku, and you came to the right place!

What is Sudoku?

Sudoku is a logic-based number-placement puzzle that mostly appears in newspapers, traditionally. Later, it was adapted to online games or video games where it proved to be popular. Many people are enjoying playing the said game.

The game’s main goal is to fill its 9 by 9 grid with numbers so each and every row or column of 3 by 3 boxes or sub-grids must end up having all the numbers from 1 to 9. Since it’s a logic game, the Sudoku game doesn’t need any special math skills or calculation. Instead, all that is required are concentration and brains.

Tips for Sudoku Beginners

Sudoku is indeed a great way to stimulate the brain and there could be various benefits for your memory. However, if you aren’t used to playing the said game, it could really be challenging at first. 

So, here are some sudoku tips that could help you to get used to the game:

Be familiar with the Sudoku rules. 

Even before attempting to play Sudoku, make sure that you are familiar with the game rules. Reading the rules could really help to get your mind around its actual goal of the game. In fact, you might as well figure out a few techniques or strategies of your own which would make the game a lot easier based on the game rules. 

You should start small. 

You should take note that beginners shouldn’t begin playing the game on just any level. Everyone has to start somewhere and that is, of course, with the easiest puzzle. You’ll find that the Sudoku game has various levels of difficulty. For beginners, you should start with the most basic ones, and simply stick with them up until you are comfortable with the techniques and the process of puzzle solving. 

Also, you could download some sudoku puzzles for beginners online or you could get an exercise book to start practicing with.

sudoku start tips

You can start working on the easiest sections first. 

You’ll surely benefit from starting with the easiest sections first. In the central Sudoku grid, you’ll have sub-grids with some numbers that are already given clues. Some grids would have more numbers compared to others. Once there is a grid that looks a lot easier to begin with, go for it. Bear in mind that it is all a process of trial and error and if you make something wrong, simply start over. You can begin with adding numbers where it seems to be the most obvious fit. 

You must avoid guessing. 

Since Sudoku is a game of organizing and logical thinking, there must be little to no guessing at all. Once you guess, it might affect the rest of the puzzle and could even make it harder to solve. Take note that the only time you must put a number in a block is when you have taken the time to weigh up the evidence that you have and could make a logical and educated decision. 

Always take your time to figure it out. 

If you are new to Sudoku, you shouldn’t rush things out. The more you rush, well the more flustered you might be. And mistakes easily happen. As you learn Sudoku techniques, you are also training your brain. You should take it easy and give your brain the time to adjust, learn and also strengthen its skills. 

You can brush up on knowledge of Sudoku tricks. 

Yes, there are many tricks on playing the game Sudoku which many advanced players make use of. However, you don’t need to use the said tricks from the very beginning. Still, you can already read and learn about them to help you in applying them once you are already confident and comfortable with the game. 

Always keep the momentum. 

Players must not get stuck on a block or a sub-grid. There is a need for the game to keep moving from a cell to another, fluidly. You could practice thinking abruptly and acting quickly to make decisions to keep the momentum of the game fluid. 

Don’t forget to practice patience. 

Of course, don’t expect that you’ll be an expert or pro of a sudoku game overnight. Bear in mind that it takes time and practice to learn all the techniques and skills to get ahead in the game. All sudoku pros have spans of patience. Once you are not a patient person, you should try to practice some patience-enhancing techniques or simply meditate. This will indeed help a lot. 

Re-evaluate every number placement.

Be reminded that every number which you fill in a blank box would have an effect on the blocks that you will fill in next. Once you think that you’re making a mistake, you have to quickly re-evaluate the last few number placements. Always reconsider your options prior to playing another possibly wrong number. 

And finally, keep practicing. 

It could at least take a few games before you can be hooked on the game. It might not be as easy as it can be, but make sure that you always take the time to practice because the more you practice, the easier the game would be, and the more you’ll want to play Sudoku. 

There you have it! Are you now ready to get started playing Sudoku? The tips above will surely help you love this kind of game! Keeping these tips in mind as you are starting out would help you get more into the Sudoku game, and before you know it, you might be totally addicted to the game!

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